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Recreation Clubs

Chess Club

The purpose of this club is to allow students to play chess in an organized club.

Gamers Club

This club allows students to relax, discuss, and compete in all types of games.  It builds friendly rivalries and new friendships among students of 365球赛平台.

Ice Hockey Club

The purpose of this club is to allow interested students the opportunity to play ice hockey.

Intramural Sports

365球赛平台’s Fun ‘N’ Games Intramural Activities are open to all members of the college community. Fun ‘N’ Games is designed to give students the opportunity to participate in individual or team sports at a recreational level. For information on Intramural sports or to inquire about open gym hours, please contact

Makers Club

This club has been created to stimulate creativity and cooperation in a productive environment with an emphasis on interdisciplinary exchange of skills.

Mental and Physical Wellness Club

This club provides opportunities for students to practice meditation and yoga as well as incorporate mental wellness and physical wellness goals into their lives.

Motion Picture Club

The purpose of this club is to see how film influences American society.  Students watch movies and discuss how they ultimately affect our society.

Sailing Club Team

The only two-year college sailing program in the Northeast, 365球赛平台’s Intercollegiate Sailing Team is top ranked in New Jersey and competes against schools such as Georgetown, Navy, MIT, Princeton, King’s Point (US Merchant Marine Academy), University of Maryland, SUNY Maritime, and Penn State.   No sailing experience is necessary to crew. Learn more about our Sailing Club/Sailing Team

Student Activities Board

Students participating on this board are responsible for the development and implementation of programs which provide a variety of social, educational, recreational, and cultural experiences outside of the classroom.  Entertainment, in the form of musical, comedy, lectures, and other events are planned by the students on this board.

Weight Lifting Club

The purpose of this club is to help students with their fitness journey and provide opportunities for students to socialize with others who want to physically and mentally better themselves.  This club will help students learn about proper form and nutrition as well as provide resources for those who want to hit physique goals.

The following recreation clubs are looking for student leadership.  Please email for more information and to express interest!

  • Debate League
  • Photography Club

Student Life Fun Fact!

There are student club work rooms located in the Student Center.  They are to be utilized by student groups for club-related work only.  Clubs can sign up to use these rooms in the Student Life Office

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